December 12, 2011

Christmastime in Wisconsin

Each year my husband and I go to visit our daughter in Wisconsin.  We have had such a great time with them.  From baking to sewing to shopping, it's always just a fun week to set aside everything else and play together.  Because they live so far away, it's nice to know that we'll get this time that is just us together.  
There is a cute little town just up the road from where they live.  Right by their city hall they had a Santa's Workshop, complete with Gingerbread men and candy pops all around. We had to stop and take a picture.  Randy and Jamie are just goof balls, so they were playing around the whole time.

I had never seen a blow up Christmas decoration like this one.  Loved it!  I also loved that Mary has a little air belly on her right now.  Jamie said she'll go back and check to see if the baby Jesus will be there after Christmas.

This was one of our favorite finds!  I've had people in the shop show me this cute "Little Wallet" that Valori Wells has designed.  We popped into the quilt shop in her town and found the pattern.  We thought it would be fun to do a small project together.  We had so much fun making the two reversed wallets, that we want to do more.  Stay tuned, because this pattern is coming to Quilt Patch Lane!!

December 4, 2011


I love Christmas.  From the perfect number of lights on the tree, the hand decorated cookies, driving around looking for the house with the most lights - it is all fun.  I love how traditions that we started as a young family 30 years ago have shifted to my children.  We always got new jammies for the kids to open on Christmas Eve.  It's been fun to watch my three children do the same for their children.  We also purchased a new ornament each year while the kids were growing up.  They have these ornaments on their trees now, and do the same for their kiddos.  It is hard to not all be together on Christmas each year, but I love waking up on Christmas morning knowing that some of these traditions carry on.

May you have a blessed Christmas and remember the true reason we celebrate is because of the Savior that was born that night.