April 25, 2013

Oh what a wonderful time we had...

We spent last weekend at a retreat center about an hour or so outside of Spokane.  It was so beautiful and the weather was fantastic for a change.  
 As you can see, we worked diligently through the day finishing up on all those projects we've started and just haven't had time to complete yet!
 Also, at each retreat, one of the gifts we give to registrants is the ability to make their own scissor charm.  It's made with beads by YOU, so you get to mold it to your personality.  This is always a big hit.
 We got one final shot of everyone there that day.  
What fun we had...

April 6, 2013

Lumpy Binding No More!

In looking through some Quilting Magazines (this article, thanks to American Patchwork and Quilting October 2001) we had laying around the shop, we came across this great article about how to eliminate the lumping that we so often get in our bindings.  Enjoy!