November 1, 2011

Quilting Community

I started thinking about the question: why do I quilt?  Of all the hobbies that are out there, why did I start quilting.  Then I realized I love how social it is.  My girlfriend, who had been a quilter for years, invited me to come along to a quilter's group with her.  I fell in love with the fabric and the amazing tops that were being created.  Although my first block wasn't perfect, I loved the time I got to spend with the people around the room.  Learning the stories of the women and about their families was so much fun.  The community of quilters is amazing.  Besides the learning that happens about each other, techniques are taught and "tricks of the trade".

I asked my daughter, who was moving away, if she would like to attend a beginner quilting class.  She and her husband were moving to another state so he could go to school and I wanted her to have a hobby; something to help keep her entertained while he was studying.  Little did I realize this hobby would aid in the creation of a community for her.  After a few months she had made friends and they were coming to her house to sew together.

Thank you all for being a part of that in my life...whether you are local or in another country, you are part of my Quilting Community.

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