November 2, 2013

Good Times!

This past weekend we had such an amazing time!  These women are so much fun!  Early to bed, early to rise - makes for some really fun quilts being started and finished!  These pictures just capture a glimpse of how much fun we really have during the days/nights that we're together.  It's the perfect way to get away and get stuff done!  
 As you can see from the windows- the scenery while you are working away is beautiful - everyone has lots of space to work.

 Another beautiful masterpiece being created!
 It can get intense from time to time...
 And...always lots of laughing while Sally and I play and show the ladies a fun new cell phone purse!
 It Zigs...It Zags!  What an awesome new quilting tool!!
 A great demonstration by Sally on how the zig zag ruler works.

 Set up a little place in case anyone forgets anything, or wants to start something new

If you would like to do a retreat - give us a call at the shop!

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